Transmitter Screen Protector for MT-4, MT-4S

We have officially released an new item - Transmitter Screen Protector for MT-4, MT-4S. This new item is only for SANWA MT-4 & MT-4S transmitter. It can not only protect your screen on the transmitter from scratch but also from leaving fingerprints. And because of its optical PET film, your screen will still stay very clear to be seen through!   Go check more d

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Congratulations to Alexander Hagberg & Nicholas Lee!

123 121213123123 For finishing TOP 10 in the 7th & 9th place in the 2016 1/10th Scale World Championships ! We are very proud to be his sponsor!!!!!

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13 AWG Power Cable [Translucent Black]

13 AWG Translucent Black Power Cable – one and only in the RC industry. Not only there’s black translucent appearance, But also its core is extremely thin with Ø0.05 mm specification and there are 1274 strands inside the wire. The extreme thin core cannot only make wire soft but also make the efficiency of radiating and the conducting greater! ⋯⋯ -FE

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