7PX Light Weight Color Screw Set

A lot of drivers / players have written messages or e-mail to us, asking about if we have any option parts that are related to 7PX transmitter. Athough we're not in fast pace on releasing new items, we still will gradually release 7PX related products in the future.   Besides having 7PX Screen Protector (Oil and Water Resistance) at the moment, we are now releasing Li

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Stainless Steel Shim Set

  A lot of people will encounter problems with gap while adjusting or setting their car. It is very upseting to deal with the gap between parts. Therefore, we would like to introduce our new products - Stainless Steel Shim set to solve these problems. There are 5 different specifications (Ф3/Ф4/Ф5/Ф8/Ф10) almost included those specs that you might encounter. There are

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★Dominic Quek has joined in team HIRO SEIKO★

  We are happy and honored to announce that Dominic Quek who is young and has potential has officially joined in our team and being one of our representative drivers.   Here is a message from Dominic that he'd like to say to everyone :   "I have been using Hiro Seiko screws in my cars for a few years now, and I am honoured to be added to their factory team! Their

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