Transmitter Screen Protector for FUTABA 7PX

Since the LCD screen of 7PX is touch panel so consumers or players will need to directly operate on screen more often than before.  Therefore, it is the main point that whether a screen protector can resist dirt or not. We are adding a water and oil resistant coating on the original material.   You can see the differences between a screen protector with and without coa

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What is Quick Remove?

  According to this illustration, A and B are installed with the same steering wheel. The only difference is that A is using original sponge and B is using HIRO SEIKO small sponge. With the same condition which is installed with same steering wheel, the one with smaller outer diameter requires shorter route to turn left and right 45 degrees each (90 degrees in total). Which ref

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Whole New Small Steering Sponge

  We'd like to introduce a product that everyone has been waiting for so long.  An whole new small steering sponge!!   The material is smoothier than the former one.  It won't make you feel too slippery to control. Its outside diameter is 1mm smaller and 3mm wider than the former one.   Because outside diameter got reduced, it makes quick remove easi

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