Accessory Box

The new Accessory Box for you to store all kinds of tiny parts and things! Tin box with rubber magnet inside and there have hinges on the tin box , preventing the top cover lost when it’s opening. Lightweight and the proper size for one handed, for you to carry it conveniently.    

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Mini Case

The Mini Case which was exclusive for Stainless Steel Shim, now is for sale! We got a lot of feedbacks from our customers that they loved the Mini Case and they would be interested in purchasing only the case to storage some tiny parts. So we separate them to the individual goods to sale! Now, not only the original clear white case, we also provide the new color which is s

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M2.5 Titanium Hex Socket Screw

We have even more options for you to choose from our Titaniium screw series! We added M2.5 with 4 different length for button head and flat head screws. There are 4 pcs of screws for each pack. If you feel like you'd like to get one, contact our distributor or dealer near you!   Button Head : http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d2.php?c1_id=8&c2_id=24&c3_

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