New Lightweight Screw Kits for MUGEN SEIKI MTC-1

We have released our latest product for MUGEN SEIKI MTC1. There are three different types of screw kits for you to choose to place on your MTC1 car. Our full titanium one can save about 21g of weight and mixed titanium / aluminum one with black and silver black one can save about 26.5g of weight.  There are 125 pieces of screws in total in this kit.  Here are our MTC1 Sc

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High Viscosity Differential Oil

Features :  ■Excellent Viscous resistance, Lubricity and Buffering. ■It is compatible with plastic but does not corrode metal; Its features are Water-resistance, Acid-resistance, Alkali-resistance and Anti-dust. It can be used in any environment. It cannot be only used on Diff Box that we all know of and also can be used on anywhere that requires Lubricity, Low-speed and D

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New Lightweight Screw Kits for TAMIYA M-07 CONCEPT

We would like to introduce our latest screw kits for TAMIYA M-07 CONCEPT. There are two types of screw kits for you to choose from - full titanium and Titanium / Aluminum screws. Here is the screws list for M-07 CONCEPT.   Check it out on our website! #48172 M-07 CONCEPT Titanium Hex Socket Screw Set  http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=863

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