Aluminum Pinion Gear with MoS2 impregnated

Have you noticed any differences from our Aluminum Pinion Gear? Besides increasing surface hardness and wear resistance by using Hard Anodizing treatment, we also impregnated Molybdenum disulfide aka MoS2 in it to make it lubricated. What is Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)?   MoS2 is known as Molybdenum disulfide which is an inorganic compound composed of molybdenum and sulfur

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Lightweight Screws for Motors

  HIRO SEIKO doesn't just make lightweight screw kits for RC cars, we also produce lightweight screws for motors.  You can decorate your motors by choosing 6 different colors of aluminum screws.  Aluminum screws can not only just bring the lightweight effect on your motors but also it can decrease the impact of magnetism.  Because of it, it raises more than 5% of RP

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★Daniel Kobbevik has joined in Team HIRO SEIKO★

  We are very pleased and would like to announce that Mr. Daniel Kobbevik has joined in team HIRO SEIKO.   We hope this young and talented driver will do great with our support in the future.   Here are some messages that Daniel would like to say to everyone : "I am super happy to get the chance to represent Hiro Seiko, and this is one off the details that makes the to

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