Lightweight Screw Kits for INFINITY IF14

We have release an awesome product just for INFINITY IF14 car! Just check out the picture and screw list down below!   #48168 IF14 Titanium Hex Socket Screw Set http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=705   #48169 IF14 Titan/Alum Hex Socket Screw Set http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=706   Screw list for

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★Martin Bayer has joined in team HIRO SEIKO★

There's a great news we'd like everyone know! We are very happy and proud to announce that Mr. Martin Bayer has joined in team HIRO SEIKO. Here are some messages from Mr. Bayer : "Very happy I can share this news. I will now use on all my cars HIRO SEIKO titanium screws! Quality of their screws is very good and they fit perfectly to my combo. Thank you HIRO SEIKO for suppor

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New Awesome Products from HIRO SEIKO!

We just released some new products with great quality this week! There are strong Titanium screws, clear, anti-finger print screen protector, and our feature - light weight screw kits for Xray and INFINITY, Just check the link and pictures down below! https://www.bestclock.cn/pasha-c-42_230/ #48161 Titanium Hex Socket Button Head Screw M4x6 #48162 Titanium Hex Sock

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