High Viscosity Differential Oil

Features :  ■Excellent Viscous resistance, Lubricity and Buffering. ■It is compatible with plastic but does not corrode metal; Its features are Water-resistance, Acid-resistance, Alkali-resistance and Anti-dust. It can be used in any environment. It cannot be only used on Diff Box that we all know of and also can be used on anywhere that requires Lubricity, Low-speed and D

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New Lightweight Screw Kits for TAMIYA M-07 CONCEPT

We would like to introduce our latest screw kits for TAMIYA M-07 CONCEPT. There are two types of screw kits for you to choose from - full titanium and Titanium / Aluminum screws. Here is the screws list for M-07 CONCEPT.   Check it out on our website! #48172 M-07 CONCEPT Titanium Hex Socket Screw Set  http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=863

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Transmitter Screen Protector (MT-44)

Check out our new Transmitter Screen Protector for MT-44 down below! It can protect your transmitter screen from scratches, finger print. If you need one or want one, just get one! http://www.cartierpose.me/swiss-cartier-tank-replica-watches.html   #48167 Transmitter Screen Protector (MT-44) http://www.hiro-seiko.com/products_d3.php?p_id=704

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