Stainless Steel Shim Set

  A lot of people will encounter problems with gap while adjusting or setting their car.

It is very upseting to deal with the gap between parts.

Therefore, we would like chopard happy sport replica watches to introduce our new products - Stainless Steel Shim set to solve these problems.

There are 5 different specifications (Ф3/Ф4/Ф5/Ф8/Ф10) almost included those specs that you might encounter.

There are two thickness (0.1mm & 0.2mm) in every different spec of shims.

It will adjust a little or eliminate the gap between parts.

Not only we think of how to solve the gap problems, we also think of how to store these small shims.

Every spec has its own Parts Box and we also marked thickness of shims on it.

It is easy to store and won't mix it up!!


Check them out :